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What Is LIQUICLOMI 50MG / ML | 60ML?

Clomiphene, also known as clomifene, is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). It is a non-steroidal derivative of triphenylethylene that was first developed by Frank Palopoli in 1956. Later, it was approved by the FDA for the treatment of infertility in women in 1967. It is often prescribed off-label to treat secondary hypogonadism in men. The drug has also been shown to treat and prevent short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache attacks (SUNCT). Furthermore, it is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency as it has been shown to boost athletic performance. At Pinnacle Peptides, liquid clomiphene for sale is exclusively available for research and experimentation.

Structure Of LIQUICLOMI 50MG / ML | 60ML

From Pubchem


IUPAC Name: 2-[4-[(Z)-2-chloro-1,2-diphenylethenyl]phenoxy]-N,N-diethylethanamine
Synonyms: Zuclomiphene, Clomifene, Clomid
Molecular Formula: C26H28ClNO
Molecular Weight: 406.0 g/mol
Sequence: Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly
CAS number: 15690-55-8
PubChem CID: 1548955

Mechanism Of LIQUICLOMI 50MG / ML | 60ML

Research shows that clomiphene exerts both estrogenic and antiestrogenic effects depending on the estrogen levels in the body. It binds to estrogen receptors located in the hypothalamus and competitively blocks the effect of naturally occurring hormone. This, in turn, sends the signal to the hypothalamus that estrogen levels are low in the body, As a result, it stimulates increases in the secretion of GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone). GnRH stimulates the ovaries to release FSH and LH, ultimately inducing ovulation [1].

Pre-Clinical/Clinical Research

1. Acromegaly

Acromegaly is a disorder that causes enlargement of the body tissues and organs, such as hands and feet. It is caused by excessive production of growth hormones. Studies indicate that estrogen therapy can show positive results in women with acromegaly. On the other side, SERMs have been shown to treat this disorder in both men and women.

One study was designed to look at the effect of clomiphene citrate on serum IGF-1 and testosterone in men with uncontrolled acromegaly. Six male patients were enrolled in the study and asked to add clomid to their treatment. The researchers observed that treatment successfully enhanced testosterone levels by up to 209% and caused a reduction in IGF-1 levels by 44 %, suggesting the potential of clomiphene to treat acromegaly in men not responding to other therapies [2].

2. Short-lasting Unilateral Neuralgiform Headache Attacks (SUNCT) syndrome

SUNCT is a type of headache disorder characterized by sudden, severe, short-lasting and frequent attacks of pain on the one side of the head. It manifests autonomic symptoms, such as eyelid edema, conjunctivitis injection and nasal congestion. Research shows that clomiphene citrate might prevent or even treat SUNCT. A case report of a patient diagnosed with SUNCT, who was unresponsive to traditional treatment options, reported that clomiphene therapy completely resolved the frequent attacks [3].

3. Infertility

Clomiphene is utilized to induce ovulation in women experiencing irregular ovulation due to conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or anovulation. It may be prescribed alone or in combination with metformin or other insulin sensitizers.

A comparative study investigated the effectiveness of clomiphene and metformin in women with PCOS. The study involved 626 infertile women with PCOS who were randomly assigned to receive either clomiphene, metformin, or a combination of both. The findings revealed live birth rates of 22.5%, 7.5%, and 26.8% in the clomiphene, metformin, and combination therapy groups, respectively. The study concluded that clomiphene demonstrated superior efficacy compared to metformin [4].

Many patients with PCOS develop resistance to the use of clomiphene citrate. The combination of letrozole and metformin has been shown to be effective for such candidates [5]. Research suggests that letrozole is associated with higher live birth rates and improved ovulation outcomes compared to clomiphene [6]. Additionally, clomiphene has been shown to improve male infertility. Studies indicate that it can enhance sperm production and motility, serving as a safe therapy to improve sperm parameters in infertile men [7].

4. Secondary Hypogonadism

Secondary hypogonadism is a condition in which the testes receive inadequate stimulation from the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. These results in the reduced production of sex hormones and the appearance of symptoms, such as muscle weakness, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is used for the treatment of secondary hypogonadism. However, it causes an increase in hematocrit levels and prostate-specific antigen (PSA), limiting its long-term utilization. On the other hand, clomifene has been shown to treat secondary hypogonadism. It stimulates the release of GnRH [8]. One study found that clomiphene can improve testosterone levels by 53.2% as compared to TRT (46.8%) [9].


Clomiphene belongs to the selective estrogen receptor modulators. It has been used for ovulation induction in women who are unable to ovulate regularly. Research shows that it can also improve male infertility, and treat hypogonadism and acromegaly. Furthermore, one case report found that it might resolve frequent headache attacks associated with SUNCT. However, we need more research to confirm this effect. At Pinnacle Peptides, liquid clomid purchase is solely available for research and educational institutions. Only buy clomiphene if you are a licensed researcher.


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What is Clomiphene?

Clomiphene, also known by its brand name Clomid, is a medication commonly prescribed to treat fertility issues in women. It is a member of the selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) pharmacological class. The mechanism of action of clomiphene is to promote the release of ovulation-inducing hormones. It is primarily utilized by females who undergo assisted reproductive procedures like in vitro fertilization (IVF) or who have irregular or nonexistent menstrual periods. Clomiphene boosts ovulation, which raises the likelihood of getting pregnant. The use of Clomiphene should be reviewed with a healthcare provider to confirm its safety and efficacy, while it may not be appropriate for everyone.

Clomiphene Research

The drug clomiphene, also known by the brand name Clomid, has been extensively studied in a number of medical specialties. This SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulators)-class reproductive medication has drawn interest due to its potential to treat infertility, male hypogonadism, and hormonal imbalances.

Infertility Treatment:

One of the main areas of research on Clomiphene is its application in the management of infertility. Women with anovulation, or irregular or nonexistent menstrual cycles, are frequently prescribed it. In order to induce ovulation, clomiphene stimulates the pituitary gland's secretion of the hormones luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Clomiphene is a crucial component of fertility therapy because studies have demonstrated that it can considerably raise the chances of successful ovulation and subsequent pregnancy.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques:

Research has also been interested in how clomiphene helps assisted reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization (IVF). Clomiphene may occasionally be combined with other drugs to encourage the formation of numerous follicles and improve the odds of successful IVF outcomes. According to studies, adding Clomiphene to IVF methods may increase the quantity and quality of retrieved eggs, hence raising the procedure's overall success rates.

Male Hypogonadism:

Clomiphene study has looked into its possible advantages in male hypogonadism in addition to its usage in female infertility. Hypogonadism is the term for low testosterone levels, which can cause a number of symptoms like diminished libido, exhaustion, and infertility. Increased levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, which in turn boost testosterone production, are how clomiphene works. Numerous studies have shown that Clomiphene is beneficial in reducing symptoms of male hypogonadism and increasing testosterone levels, making it a possible substitute for testosterone replacement treatment.

Hormonal Disorders:

Studies on the effectiveness of clomiphene in treating several hormonal disorders have been conducted. A common endocrine illness in women called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is characterized by hormonal imbalances that can lead to irregular ovulation and infertility. According to studies, Clomiphene can successfully restore ovulation in women with PCOS and increase those women's chances of getting pregnant.

Where to Buy Clomiphene

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