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For this product you will need: BACTERIOSTATIC WATER For reconstitution.

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Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-10 brings a holistic approach to skincare for a natural and glowing complexion, inspired by the glowing effects of highlighter makeup. It is composed of four amino acids (Lys-thr-phe-Lys) that are connected to the palmitic acid chain. It takes signals from a transparent protein, alpha-crystalline, present in the eye lens and other tissues, including the skin. This protein acts as a chaperone that adds to the appearance and radiance of the skin, creating what is known as the "glass skin" effect. Further research is needed to validate its potential benefits for the skin. At Pinnacle Peptides, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-10 for sale is exclusively available for research and experimentation.


From Pubchem


IUPAC Name: N-palmitoyl -Lys -Thr -Phe -Lys -OH
Synonyms: 6Q6H1PKC05, Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-10, Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-10 [INCI], N -Palmitoyl -Lys -Thr -Phe -Lys
Molecular Formula: C41H72N6O7
Molecular Weight: 761.0 g/mol
Sequence: Lys-Thr-Phe-Lys
CAS number: 887140-79-6
PubChem CID: 24967468


Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-10 works by a systematic mechanism to improve skin radiance and clarity. Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-10 regulates important processes that control protein synthesis, conformation, breakdown, and aggregation, by maintaining alpha-crystalline proteostasis. This results in the glow of the skin. Furthermore, the peptide plays a role in improving natural exfoliating processes, effectively regulating the rate of epidermal revitalization and keratinocyte maturation.

Pre-Clinical/Clinical Research

Skin Radiance

An open-label clinical investigation was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and tolerability of a skin care product that contained palmitoyl tetrapeptide-10 in treating facial hyperpigmentation. The results revealed that the product containing palmitoyl tetrapeptide-10 not only augmented the revitalization of skin cells but also helped to keep the skin moisturized. Moreover, it visibly improved the brightness and radiance of the skin [1]. The trial's findings suggested that palmitoyl tetrapeptide-10 could potentially be employed to address hyperpigmentation and melasma as well as enhance the overall health of the skin.

The majority of peptides used in the cosmetic industry lack credible data from clinical research authenticating their claimed efficacy [2]. Scientific research on palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-10 is necessary to validate its possible skin-beneficial effects. The absence of impartial, peer-reviewed research must be addressed by the scientific community and the cosmetics sector. Lack of credible data can create challenges for researchers developing new peptides and formulating anti-aging and skin-beneficial products.


Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-10 consists of four amino acids attached to palmitic acid. It maintains skin transparency by stimulating the chaperone protein alpha-crystallin. Its gentle polishing effect results in a consistent and luminous glow. There is little to no scientific research that validates its potential skin benefitting effects. We don’t support its unwarranted use and offer palmitoyl tetrapeptide-10 purchase solely for research. Only buy palmitoyl tetrapeptide-10 if you are a qualified researcher.

PALMITOYL TETRA 10MG peptide comprises of four amino acids. These are used specifically in manufacturing beauty products. You can purchase this peptide from the one of the most trusted online resource, Pinnacle Peptides. The peptides are sold within the most reasonable prices and you can avail them from the online store and also avail discounts on bulk orders. This peptide is strictly for research purposes. We know that by suppressing the production of interleukins in the skin, ageing is reduced. Now interleukins are nothing but the chemical messengers that ask the body to trigger its acute inflammatory process. When this is done, the body gets the message that it has to damage the glycation, or it has to stiffen the tissues. In the process of glycation, glucose links up with the proteins and causes them to stick together by binding. Now this process of glycation is highly dangerous for skin aging as it causes skin to wrinkle and to become sagging. This is where PALMITOYL TETRA 10MG comes in. It prevents the production of excess interleukins, and slows down your aging process when used in various beauty products. The PALMITOYL TERTA is going to reduce the inflammation of the skin and reduce the rate of glycation. Only use the best quality peptides for your research – find them at Pinnacle Peptides Researchers have found that this peptide reduces the production of interleukins. In fact, the higher is the concentration of PALMITOYL TETRA, the lower the production of interleukins in the skin. It can lower the production of interleukins as much as by 40 percent. The skin on exposure to UV rays can produce more interleukins. This peptide when connected with another useful peptide can effectively enhance the connectivity of tissues and increase the collagen production in the skin. If you require PALMITOYL TETRA 10MG for your research purposes then you have just come to the right place. All your research related materials can be found at Pinnacle Peptides. All chemicals and lab equipments stored here are to meet the necessities of your lab. So place your orders today and have them delivered at your place. Both international and local customers of USA are served. The products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only. In purchasing any of these items, the customer acknowledges that there are risks involved with consumption or distribution of these products. These chemicals are NOT intended to use as food additives, drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals or other inappropriate applications. The listing of a material on this site does not constitute a license to its use in infringement of any patent. All of the products will be handled only by qualified and properly trained professionals. All customers represent and warrant that through their own review and study that they are fully aware and knowledgeable about the following: Government regulations regarding the use of and exposure to all products. The health and safety hazards associated with the handling of the products they purchase. The necessity of adequately warning of the health and safety hazards associated with any products. Pinnacle Peptides and reserves the right to limit and/or deny sales of products to any unqualified individuals if we have reason to believe that misuse will occur.

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